Why Cleveland is likely to see an influx of human trafficking activity in July

It’s common knowledge that sex traffickers follow the money. Unfortunate for Cleveland, this is where the big money spenders will be headed in early July. Even without the special events, Ohio is ranked fourth in the country for trafficking activity. Worsening the situation is the number of events that will be attracting potential “customers.”

  • July 4th Annual Fireworks Extravaganza on the lakefront
  • July 5–9 Major League Baseball All Star week and game
  • July 11–13 Cleveland Tall Ships Festival

Combine those three events, plus the surge in new hotel availability since the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in 2016, and you have the makings of an attractive location for sex traffickers to bring their victims.

Human trafficking goes where the big spenders go

But, it’s not just Cleveland. The same phenomenon happens at all major events from the Super Bowl to the Indy 500, and from Las Vegas to Miami. Wherever traffickers can find a wealth of hotel rooms and a load of cash-rich customers, they’ll be there.

Hopefully the Cleveland police and detectives will be working
overtime and on the alert for such activities, but the best results often come
from the public being on the alert.

If you see something suspicious, like a number of young girls
going into a hotel, take it upon yourself to at least call in a report to the
National Human Trafficking Hotline at 888–373–7888. If you are sure there is a problem, immediately
call 911 but do not try to intervene yourself.
Leave it to the professionals.

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Originally published at Stop Human Trafficking Website.



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