Solving missing children cases is this team’s specialty

When the
police don’t have time, this special unit may be the only answer to saving
children from traffickers.

According to
FBI reports, almost 500,000 children were reported missing annually. While the
accurate count will never be known, too many of these vulnerable children end
up being coerced into trafficking situations, forced to perform as sex slaves. Many
claim that it could be as high as 1 in 7.

that most local police departments don’t have the manpower to track down each
reported case of a missing child, a San Diego-based group of former police
officers and Navy SEALS, have created a licensed private detective agency,
specializing in recovering missing minors, known as Saved In America.

An amazing
statistic shown on their website claims that as of July 2019, 208 successful child
recoveries have happened since December 2014.

According to
their website:

Their Tip Hotline
is 760–348–8808.

To file a request for help, fill out an application here.

Originally published at Stop Human Trafficking Website.



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Doug Bardwell

Doug Bardwell


Writer & photographer in print & online. Proud husband, father & grandfather. Engaged volunteer with Red Cross, human trafficking prevention & social concerns.