myQ Smart Garage Video Keypad — complete security for the garage

Doug Bardwell
5 min readJul 6

Looking for a keypad that does double duty? The myQ Smart Garage Video Keypad not only allows you to have an external keypad for garage door entry, it’s also a security camera with motion and activity alerts.

It works with the myQ app (available for Android and iOS), where you can create and manage personalized PIN codes. So let’s say your neighbor needs to borrow the ladder that’s in your garage and you’re out of town. Through the myQ app, you can create and send a temporary PIN to him/her. You can even limit the PIN to only be accessible on certain days of the week and/or time of day.

Also, in conjunction with the myQ app, you’ll get real-time notifications when your door is accessed or when someone wants to communicate with you. By pressing the phone icon on the keypad, you’ll be immediately notified and be able to speak and listen to your visitor. If it’s a neighbor dropping off something, and you have a myQ smart garage door opener like me, you can forgo the PIN code and immediately open the door with your app and let them place it securely inside.

What’s in the box

My kit was the VKP1-MYQ which comes with a 20-degree fixed mounting kit. Although the built-in camera provides a 160º diagonal field-of-view around the garage so you can see and know when people are approaching the garage from your driveway, I added a swivel mount to mine. You can purchase the swivel mount separately so you can angle the video camera either left or right, depending on the ideal view of your driveway or sidewalk. If your walls are wood or siding, two simple screws are all that’s needed to secure the mount in place. (Masonry anchors are also included if needed.) The mount uses a tiny Philips screw to secure the opener to the mount.

Before installing the unit, you’ll need to remove the rechargeable battery from the keypad, and charge it for 10 hours. After a full charge, it’s supposed to last for several months. The unit comes with a micro-USB cord for charging in a standard USB charger, but does not come with a charger itself.

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