Mixcder E9 ANC Headphones for those who want to keep listening

Doug Bardwell
4 min readApr 25, 2019

When you got that first pair of Bluetooth headphones, you looked forward to a full day of music if you were like most people. Whoops. After six hours, they just stopped, and you needed to recharge. Bummer.

That won’t happen if you replace those first gen headphones with the newest from Mixcder — Model E9 acive cancelling, over the ear headphones. And, right up front, I’ve got to tell you, they are available at a price not to be matched for the quality. Only $79.99 plus $1.50 shipping.

This is the headphone you’ll find in my backpack

I’ve reviewed numerous headphones over the years, but this is my current “go-to” headphone for morning workouts at Planet Fitness, all-day writing excursions to Panera, and late at night when I want to rock my head with great music while not waking up my wife.

The battery is rated for up to 30 hours in wireless mode and 80 hours in wired mode. Yep — you can use it either way. I’ve yet to wear out the battery, but I typically recharge them when I go to bed every couple nights or so. A simple micro-USB port lets me charge from either a wall jack when I’m home or a portable power bank while on a trip.

All day comfort

Many headphones that claim to be comfortable all day don’t really cut it. These honestly do. Sure, I’ll reposition them a couple times during the day, but normally I’m never even thinking about them — just enjoying my epic tunes and the hammering bass. (It’s all about the bass — in case you haven’t heard.) But the mids and highs are equally impressive.

I’ve rarely used the ANC feature. The earcups seal so well, I really don’t need it. On my next plane trip, I’m sure I will, but until then, I’ve got no complaints with it in normal mode.

It pairs quickly to either my computer, my Samsung S8 phone or my iPad for watching videos. When biking or walking at the gym, it never strays like some others that required you to reposition them every 15 minutes or so.

Not just for music

They work ideally well with my phone to make and take calls. People say they can’t hear a difference whether I’m holding my phone or talking through the headphones. Upon call completion my music resumes automatically.

A quick press of the power button pauses or restarts your music. There are also separate + and — buttons for volume control from the headset.

Pack and go

When it comes time to put them away in your backpack, you’ve got options. It comes with a great protective case, and the earpieces fold 90 degrees for it lays flat with minimum thickness.

You can also collapse the earpieces into the crown piece for a bundle just bigger that a large fist.

Need to save even more?

There are also two other E models with slightly reduced specs and even less expensive than the E9. The E8 and E7 both share 40mm drivers with 18 and 20-hour playtimes, respectively. They can be had for $10 or $20 less than the E9. They are however, slightly heavier at 288g and 272g, compared to the E9’s 255g.

With 87% 5-star and 11% 4-star ratings, you’ll be joining a league of happy customers. Check it out here at the Mixcder website. Here’s the spec sheet and the user manual.

Disclosure: Mixcder provided a set of E9 headphones for us to test for this review. Opinions expressed however are distinctly our own and no remuneration was offered or received.

Originally published at https://dougbardwell.com on April 25, 2019.



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