Install an app — protect your children — sight unseen

If someone were trying to coax your child into a dangerous
situation, you’d certainly want to know.
And, try as you might to encourage your children to share their plans
with you, that’s just not going to happen. Here’s where an app installed on
your child’s phone could come in handy.

Bark is an app that monitors your child’s phone 24x7 — texts, social media, browser activity and email. You’ll be confidentially notified with alerts should anything be detected.

here for a complete list of what Bark monitors.

Need more proof? In a 2018 study conducted by Bark, analyzing 900 million messages across texts, email, social media and school-issued Google and Microsoft accounts of more than 2,600,000 children aged 8–17, they found:

If their website can be believed, they claim to have prevented 16 school gun incidents and 10,000 severe self-harm incidents. The service costs $9.00 per month, (for an unlimited number of children) which isn’t cheap, but if it could prevent the abduction or trafficking of your child (or their friend), wouldn’t it be worth it? A free trial is available at to try it for yourself, and you can cancel the service at any time.

Disclaimer: We have not tested or used this app ourselves and this article is based on the information provided on their website without verification. If you’ve had experience with the app, either positive or negative, please leave your comments in the section below for our other readers.

Originally published at Stop Human Trafficking Website.

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