EDC Tiny Knife is available now on Kickstarter

Doug Bardwell
2 min readMar 11, 2021

I had a chance to get an advance look at the EDC Tiny Knife, presently available on Kickstarter. It may be tiny, but it is very sturdy, and I’d imagine this would last a lifetime. It’s made to fit in a jean’s pocket and it fits quite nicely. It actually slides fully into this pocket, but I kept it up so you could get a size reference.

There’s actually a leather case available for it as well, (as an $20 add-on option). But, I actually am quite comfortable just slipping it into the jeans change pocket.

Yassin Sherbal claims to be a retro lover, in addition to being a knife maker. Hence the retro feel to this knife’s design. While this is a premium price for a pocket knife, you are really buying a piece of art that can be handed down to future generations.

The knife feels well-balanced and you can exert a lot of pressure while cutting without fear of the blade flexing or bending. It’s not something you’d use for fine marquetry work, but as a utility knife, it’s one solid option.

Be sure to check out the descriptions carefully on Kickstarter, because there are all sorts of options to choose from. The blades come in three styles and are interchangeable, just like the handle pads, which are available in five different materials. An Allen wrench is all you need to swap blades or handle pads.

Unlike many Kickstarter projects which never get funded, this one is already over its minimum, so orders will be filled.

Disclosure: I was sent an early release version of the Tiny Knife so I could do this review. All opinions, are and always will be strictly our own.

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