Consider an EcoReco scooter for your last mile

Doug Bardwell
3 min readApr 22, 2014

Anyone who commutes into the city knows the drill. Park close to the office and pay unbelievably high parking rates or park a mile away for 1/10th the price. It then takes 18 minutes to walk to the office.

What if you could park at the cheaper lot and still be to the office in 3 minutes? How cool would that be?

Consider an alternative — the EcoReco eScooter

EcoReco eScooter

This Earth Day 2014 is a good time to consider an ecologically good idea that also makes perfect sense economically. An electric scooter like the EcoReco is a smart tool that is:

  1. Strong enough to carry an adult and all your backpacks/messenger bags
  2. Durable enough to last for years
  3. Compact enough to stick under a desk when folded
  4. Runs for 20 miles on one charge
  5. Recharges from any 110v outlet
  6. 6x faster than an average walking speed

The EcoReco is as fast as Usain Bolt, but you could keep going for almost an hour at that speed. He couldn’t. Not that you need to race into the office, but think about it. On a hot morning, you’ll be standing still up on your scooter, feeling the cool breeze as you fly across town.

Need to go somewhere distant for lunch? Simply unfold your scooter, don your helmet and zip across town with no worries about parking when you get there. Chain it to a bike rack or fold it down and carry it inside and stick it under your table.

EcoReco eScooter

The EcoReco uses a 250W motor that will carry you 500 miles for $1 worth of electricity. How’s that for Earth Day sustainability?

Watch my first test ride:

It goes up to 23 MPH with an average size adult aboard and can be regulated down to 7.5 or 12.5 MPH if desired. With a maximum 20 mile cruising range between charges, you could even run errands all day and still have enough juice back to your car without recharging. (In hot weather or if operated at top speeds continuously, you won’t get anywhere near the maximum rated range.)

When needed, it folds in as little as 5 seconds into a 36” x 12” x 6” space. Heck, I’ve taken it on the bus with me. (That’s a perfect way to extend its range.)

Bikes can only be accommodated on certain buses and motor bikes can’t be carried aboard, so consider the EcoReco for your last mile. You’ll make Mother Earth quite happy.

EcoReco eScooter
EcoReco eScooter
EcoReco eScooter

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