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Doug Bardwell
4 min readSep 5, 2017

Communicating while engaged in active sports is always challenging, or sometimes impossible. Now with Bonx, you can communicate with crystal clear cellular clarity without holding onto a phone or walkie talkie.

The engineers at Bonx figured out a way to let you communicate with as many as 10 people simultaneously by just speaking. No “push-to-talk”, just instant clear communication.

Bonx earpiece

With former Bluetooth communicators, the parties needed to be within 33’ of each other. Motorcyclists have had the option for years to talk bike-to-bike or passenger-to-driver, but only if they kept within that 33’ Bluetooth range. If one person went inside for a coffee — end of conversation.

Bonx changes that- communicating with a cell phone signal — anywhere in the world. And, the fascinating part is that the cell phone signal stops and starts each time you start and stop talking, so you are not listening to background noise when no one is speaking.

You merely need to keep the cellphone near you while you’re using Bonx, but it can be closed and in your pocket or purse. Our first test was done with my iPhone6 and my wife’s Samsung J3, so we each got to try out the iOS and Android versions of the Bonx app.

When we first fired them up, I was amazed at the quality of communication. We started off with a small issue as my wife and I walked out our front door and started heading in opposite directions. We kept getting and losing our signals. I’m guessing it had to do with trying to connect to our home network, instead of the cell tower.

Once we were away from the house, we never had another problem. Communication was immediate and oh-so clear. Dual microphones with multi-layer wind and noise reduction technology ensure crystal-clear speech. In fact, with traffic whizzing by, I could talk almost in a whisper and she could hear me distinctly. Thank goodness. Gone are the days of having to shout into your cellphone to be heard on the other end of the conversation.

We later got back together, motorcycle style, and everything still worked — from 2 feet away to two miles away. Since the communication is via the cellular networks, the two miles could just as easily have been 2,000 miles.

Bonx earphone

In an area with other Bonx users? No Problem. Each group of users sets up their own private “room” and only those with the code can be part of the conversation.

Bonx comes in a multitude of colors and each Bonx is packaged with three different sized ear loops and two different sized earbuds. Everything easily snapped together and we were ready to test in no time. Recharging is by micro USB cables from either a wall charger or a portable power pack (not included.)

The earpiece comes with two easily accessible buttons designed right into the exterior face of the earpiece. Press the smaller dome multiple times to cycle your volume level and press the larger of the two for “mute,” so your voice won’t be broadcast, but you can still listen for incoming messages.

You can also use the earpiece without the Bonx app as a Bluetooth earphone, listening to music or making and receiving calls.

Bonx earphone

This thing is so efficient, you are really going to want to give it a try. If your favorite activity takes both hands, (think fishing, skiing, cycling, ballooning, rock-climbing, sailing, you-name-it) this is gonna be a gamechanger.

Check out Bonx at their website at:

Disclosure: Bonx sent us a pair of earpieces to try so we could evaluate them for this article, but, as always, all opinions expressed here are strictly our own.

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