beyerdynamic’s awesome microphone, headphone and recording software bundle

Doug Bardwell
5 min readMay 30, 2019

If you are a creator of musical content or perhaps a podcaster, you know the value of having a great microphone and a comfortable, high-performing set of headphones. Definitely worth a look, I’m excited to introduce you to the latest pair I’ve been using for the past month — the beyerdynamic Creator Pro. (MSRP $358.00)

Everything you need for a recording session at Panera — a beyerdynamics creator pro bundle, a laptop and a bagel.

This is a packaged bundle of beyerdynamics’s Fox USB microphone, DT770 Pro headphones (32 Ohms) and Cubase recording software.

Fox USB-C Microphone

Fox USB microphones combine the power from your computer with 24 bit 96 kHz studio quality sound, just like you were in a recording studio. Note: when using with an Android phone, you’ll need an OTG connector, and with an iPhone, you’ll need a Lightning to USB camera adapter for the USB cable connection.

The Fox comes with a built in, tilting desk stand than can be used as is or can be removed and attached to a standard thread microphone stand. A slip on windshield is also included.

On the front of the unit are three controls:

A mute button allows you to stop or restart recording sounds from the mike.

A mix dial controls the amount you hear from your microphone versus how much you hear from your computer, in real time, with zero latency.

A volume dial controls the volume of all sounds going out to your headphones.

Below those three controls is an 1/8" jack for the headphones so you can listen to yourself and your computer at the same time. This is ideal when creating voiceovers while video editing.

On the back of the microphone, a gain switch can be set from low to high.

The Fox has a cardiod (unidirectional) pickup pattern that does a great job blocking out sounds from behind the unit. Take a listen to my far-from-ideal office (a.k.a. recording studio) and see how well it blocks out the computer noise just inches away while recording.

The Fox USB microphone has a frequency response of 20–20,000 Hz.

DT770 Headphones

Designed for critical sound and music monitoring, these are super-comfortable, circumaural (around-the-ear) headphones. High frequencies come through clearly and those deep bass tones are crisp and defined. Frequency response is from 5–35,000 Hz. The large cups block out external noise so you can concentrate on what you’re actually recording.

The steel headband is wrapped with comfortable padding, enabling them to be worn for hours on end. The single, five-foot-long cable from the left ear pad means it isn’t prone to tangling as you put them on and take them off. The cord comes with both 1/8" and ¼" gold phono plugs.

The ear cups fold flat for storage in the included travel case.

The Creator Bundle

When buying both the microphone and the headphones, as a set, you’ll also receive the nice hardshell case for your headphones as opposed to the soft bag case that normally accompanies them, and you’ll receive the complimentary copy of Cubase LE recording software.

Cubase LE Software

Included with the bundle is a LE version of Cubase software for recording, mixing and audio creation. To learn more about Cubase, check this link on their website:

Before you download your free recording software, be aware that the Cubase license can only be used on one computer and can’t be transferred without removing and having it relicensed elsewhere. If you want to use it on alternating desktops and laptops, for example, you’ll need to purchase a $27.99 USB licensor key to insert each time. Also, you’ll need 20 GB of free space for the installation.

Go to the link shown on the card included in the box to download Cubase LE software. The card packaged with the bundle shows you’ll receive Cubase LE 9, but they’ve updated the software and actually you’ll receive Cubase LE 10.

Once you’ve entered the license code, another screen will pop up with your Activation Code. (It’ll also be emailed to you.) Click to download either the Windows or Mac OS version. Run the installer file to install the Steinberg Download Assistant file. Run the Steinberg Download Assistant app, and then select the Cubase LE 10 software (15.07 GB) (currently version 10.0.20). Start the download of that, and an hour or so later when it’s finished downloading, unzip the file. Click the setup.exe file (this is getting laborious isn’t it?) to install the software.

As it installs over the next 15 minutes of so, it appears that it’s installing the complete (approximately 16GB) Cubase Elements 10 version, although you’ll have access to only a portion of it with the free LE license.

Now you can install your activation code by finding the program folder: eLicenser and enter your activation code. After a minute or so, your license will be activated and you’ll be able to launch Cubase.

But are you done — NO! On a PC, you’ll need to probably install ASIO4ALL v2 drivers to make Fox mics and headphones usable with Cubase. Download the driver from here.

Install the driver, and click the Off-Line setting box during the install. After the install completes, run the program ASIO4ALL Off-Line Setting v2 and select FOX under the WDM Device List.

NOW you are ready to launch Cubase LE10. Head first to Studio>Studio Setup>VST Audio System and select ASIO4ALL v2 as the ASIO Driver. Then, under ASIO4ALL (on the left menu) you should see Fox 1 and 2 listed for input and output.

You’ll now be able to record and monitor through the Creator Pro bundle. Happy music creating!

Disclosure: beyerdynamics provided a Creator Pro bundle for us to test for this review. Opinions however, are strictly our own and no compensation was paid to create this review.

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