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A selection of unique, gift ideas for the Dad or Grad this year. A few classics, but mostly new, never seen before items to choose from.

UPDATE: 6–17–21 Twenty-one new products added and more to come — stop back!

Journacy Backpack for Dads

Having multiple thoughts about human trafficking prosecutions

I just finished reading this article in the Columbus Dispatch, by Bethany Bruner, where she tells about the first and second most active states prosecuting human traffickers in federal court in 2020. Since the Dispatch is an Ohio-based paper, the headline caught my eye immediately in the midst of a Google news search.

Human trafficking report finds Southern Ohio charged second highest number of cases in 2020

Living in and loving Ohio, my first thought was “Damn, we’ve got the second most traffickers active in our state!” …

I recently read in the Strongsville Post, the account of Alexis Martin, a 15-year-old sex trafficking victim, who was arrested and sentenced to 20 years for a crime she didn’t commit. Although others testified that she wasn’t in the room where the murder took place, prosecutors misrepresented what she did and accused her of creating the situation for the crime to occur.

Making matters worse, an inexperienced defense attorney assigned to her, was not aware of the legal protections she should have been afforded. …

If you were waiting for an engraved invitation to visit the islands, I think Put-In-Bay just issued one. The Chamber of Commerce is making it very evident that the island is open for business every day — and they are doing everything they can to welcome families during the week, when things aren’t as busy as they are on weekends. They’ve even begun a new branding campaign, so you’ll undoubtedly see them on TV or hear them on the radio.

Whether you come for the food or the fun or the water, you’ll be happy you came. We just spent…

While Ashton Kucher has certainly had his share of successful and not-so-successful acting roles, the one thing that he’s an unequivocal success at is utilizing his technology investments to fight child sex trafficking.

He has served as President of Human Rights First, an organization trying to ensure that the United States is a beacon of inspiration to those being abused in foreign countries.

He also helped found THORN, a technology company assisting police and other government agencies in identifying and rescuing human trafficking victims in this country.

This video (from 2017) gives a great explanation of how technology can be…

Would you consider becoming one?

Here’s another hotline number to add to those you keep on your phone. Give it to someone who you think needs help. — 741741 in the U.S.

Crisis Text Line is the free, 24/7 text line for people in crisis in the United States. The service is powered by volunteer Crisis Counselors who work remotely.

Crisis Counselors answer texts from people in crisis, bringing them from a hot moment to a cool calm through active listening, collaborative problem solving, and safety planning.

Fresh out of ideas for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day or Graduation Day gifts? Here are a selection of sure-to-please ideas. If you know they like electronic gadgets, photography, music, TV watching, etc., check out the selection of Personal Electronic Devices. For the outdoor lover, we’ve got some trail-tested suggestions in the Outdoor Adventure section. And for everyone else, our Home, Health and Beauty section is bound to have something of interest.


Qubii Duo

Thanks to NBC News for this feature by Jake Whitman, Cynthia McFadden and Rich Schapiro. I’ve known for years that Catholic nuns are some of the most ardent fighters against human trafficking, but I was never aware of the number of them that go out every day in search of ways to combat this scourge.

According to this report, more than 60,000 nuns are members of an organization called Talitha Kum. It was founded 12 years ago in Rome, and now labors in search of human trafficking victims in 92 countries.

From the article:

“If you want people to understand…

RightOnTrek is ideal for people who would rather spend time hiking than shopping. It comes conveniently packed and ready to go directly into your backpack. Just add water and you’re ready to hike.

At its most basic, you log on and answer seven preference questions. From there you select how many days you plan to hike, add up to five days worth of meals to your cart, check out and pay.

They’ve already calculated calories per day needed for various hikes and they package them so you don’t need to take more than you’ll eat.

That’s exactly where I went…

Doug Bardwell

Writer & photographer in print & online. Proud husband, father & grandfather. Engaged volunteer with Red Cross, human trafficking prevention & social concerns.

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