Find the perfect gift suggestion for your Dad or your Graduate in 2021

A selection of unique, gift ideas for the Dad or Grad this year. A few classics, but mostly new, never seen before items to choose from. And….they’re not just for Father’s Day or Graduation, they’d make ideal birthday presents as well. Enjoy!

UPDATE: 6–17–21 Twenty-one new products added since we originally published

Each year the United Nations sponsors an event centered around human trafficking — both sex trafficking and labor trafficking. This year’s event will focus on listening to those who are survivors of trafficking. Learning from their experiences, hopefully, the world can better combat this atrocity.

Victims will be giving their stories

During this year’s World Day Against Trafficking in Persons “Victims’ Voices Lead the Way” throughout the campaign. You will be introduced to the stories of survivors who are key actors in the fight against human trafficking. …

The US Catholic Sisters Against Human Trafficking puts out an excellent newsletter each month on the subject of Human Trafficking — in all its forms. This month’s feature focuses on Forced Labor.

Domestic workers are some of the most commonly trafficked people on the planet, promised good job opportunities and then stuck in abusive conditions with no way out.

The group puts out a monthly Anti-Trafficking Newsletter which is excellent, describing the problems in detail, along with what steps they advocate to counter the problem. Here’s the July 2021 copy of their publication.

As one of the premier groups focused…

This sleek-looking Kyvol AF600 smart air fryer has been gracing our kitchen counter for the past few weeks as I had a chance to prepare this review. From the simplest toast to tasty Buffalo Wings to reheating leftovers, this is handy kitchen addition. With the viewing window in the ceramic cooking basket, you’ll no longer have to open the fryer to check on cooking progress.

The Hex Command module sitting on the corner of my worktable

Finally, a security system without those “hardly hidden” cameras all over the place. This Hex Home system, by Origin Wireless, is a breeze to install (under 10 minutes) and offers a number of advantages over a camera-based system. To the casual observer, it appears to be a nightlight that glows slightly when it sees motion.

How bruised fruit is making an impact on trafficked and abused victims

Thinking outside the box is coming to the aid of the vulnerable in Toronto, thanks to Interval House and UNION, a recovery home for women and children, and an advertising firm.

According to their press release:

Since the onset of COVID-19, intimate partner violence has increased by over 30 percent in Canada. Women are effectively trapped in their homes with their abusers, and the isolation has limited their ability to seek help.

From the Foreward:

Human trafficking-which the United Nations defines as the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring, or receipt of people through force, fraud, or deception, with the aim of exploiting them for profit-is centuries old but remains a modern-day problem of significant proportions. It is a wide-reaching practice, encompassing men, women, boys, and girls used against their will to perform labor and sex, enter into marriage, and provide organs. It is a problem that is endemic across the globe, including here in the United States, with an estimated twenty-five million victims worldwide. …

Follow the convention — one Tweet at a…

Not only is the former president gone, so now is his divisive program referred to as VOICE — Victim of Immigration Crime Engagement. VOICE’s sole purpose was to bring focus on any crime committed by an immigrant -ostensibly to fire up his anti-immigrant base.

On June 11, Homeland Security announced that VOICE has been terminated and VESL — Victim Engagement and Services Line has begun. This hotline is meant to actually provide services to any person who is a victim of a crime — no matter what their citizen or immigrant status might be.

“Providing assistance to society’s most vulnerable…

Having multiple thoughts about human trafficking prosecutions

I just finished reading this article in the Columbus Dispatch, by Bethany Bruner, where she tells about the first and second most active states prosecuting human traffickers in federal court in 2020. Since the Dispatch is an Ohio-based paper, the headline caught my eye immediately in the midst of a Google news search.

Human trafficking report finds Southern Ohio charged second highest number of cases in 2020

Living in and loving Ohio, my first thought was “Damn, we’ve got the second most traffickers active in our state!” …

Doug Bardwell

Writer & photographer in print & online. Proud husband, father & grandfather. Engaged volunteer with Red Cross, human trafficking prevention & social concerns.

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